Union Coffee Club

Enjoy premium coffees from some of the most talented roasters in the country shipped to your front door.  Every month, your subscription will feature a roaster of amazing talent and high coffee industry ethics for you to explore. All coffees are cupped and chosen specifically for their outstanding taste and interesting story.   

Some of the Roasters WE Work With

This club is all about the coffee.

I'm Zack, a native Seattle coffee professional and enthusiast.  I have spent years searching for, and working with some of the most talented coffee roasters in the country, whose amazing product I featured daily at my shop, Union Coffee.  As the shop operations grew,  I realized that I was being pulled in too many directions, and needed to refocus my energy and attention on my real professional obsession - the search for esoteric coffees that totally floor me. 

Having come to this realization, I sold the shop and now am offering the Union Coffee Club, a multi-roaster subscription service.